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Skylight Protection

Skylights are considered a fall hazard by OSHA and increasingly monitored by code authorities.  Skylight hazards are addressed in both OSHA code 1910.23 (a) (4), which covers existing buildings and their usage, and OSHA code 1926.501 (b)(4), which covers safety requirements during construction activity.

Although the 1926 OSHA code is less specific to skylights, they are defined as a “hole in the walking surface”, proper protection of workers covered by the 1926 code standards requires at least one of the following actions:

Action 1: Workers operating around skylights have to be wearing personal fall protection gear.
Action 2: The area around the skylights is properly marked as a hazard with something like warning lines.
Action 3: The skylights need to be protected by a barrier or protected by a safety guard system capable of withstanding a 200 pound point load (or 400lb CA OSHA).  

Action 3 offers the best overall solution since it is passive, and requires the least amount of employee training and re-training. Garlock offers a variety of OSHA certified solutions for passive skylight protection

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