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Leading Edge

There are 3 options for leading edge protection.

Safety Guardrails:
This type of fall protection is the preferred method and requires the least amount of employee training and required inspection. safety guardrails must withstand a minimum 200 lb force and sometimes also require toe boards. This method is also preferred when occasional workers or jobsite visitors are frequent.

Perimeter Systems:
Clamp on perimeter systems are very popular and allow edge to edge protection without fall restraint. Perimeter system are used when a parapet or slab edge is present and sets up quickly. A medium amount of training and inspection is required for this type of protection.

Visual Warning:
Typically a warning line system must be a minimum of 15 ft. from a hazard (or 6 ft. for roofing contractors. Consult your local OSHA requirements). For Work outside the safe zone, workers must use an approved PFAS restraint system. More training and inspection is required for this type of protection and rely's on workers staying inside safe zone.

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