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GSX Waterproofing Applicator:

APPLICATIONS: Plaza Decks, Rooftops, Transportation/Tunneling, Foundation Walls, Green Roofs/gardens, Leak Repair

Spray Applied Process: Save time material and labor costs and complete projects up to 4 times faster versus other methods using the Garlock Spray-Applied waterproofing system.

Low Temperature Application: Work more safely by spraying material at temperatures below 260 degrees or less which is classified as Cold-applied in most regions. Eliminates compliance with regulations normally associated with Hot-Applied membranes.

Productivity: Spray longer without stopping to add product with 150 gallon capacity GSX spray applicator.

Rugged Design: Experience long term performance, lower cost of ownership and operation with the GSX heavy duty design and construction, engineered for the rugged job ahead.

Diesel Heat and Digital Control: For maximum safety and fuel efficiency, all GSX applicators utilize a fully enclosed chamber diesel heat system. The unique Double boiler design is oil jacketed for indirect heating. Keep product at the precise temperature for application with the on-board digital system with automatic control of application and melter temperatures.

High-Performance Mixing: Eliminate temperature stratification with the specially designed Auger/Agitator. Unobstructed Internal Machine Recirculation ensures unsurpassed heat up and recovery times. Reduce downtime with the heavy-duty pumping system.



GSX Spray Applicator Specifications:

Material Capacity: 150 Gallons

Heating Method: diesel Indirect heat Oil jacket design

Fuel Capacity: 33 gallons

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 170" x 84" x 92"

Hose type and length: Non Heated, (2) 20' 1" ID, with yellow abrasion cover.

Engine Cover: Included

Shipping weight: 4,120 lbs